About FMF

We provide the highest quality supplements with responsible sourcing and the utmost commitment to purity. Watch the video below by Dr. Mark Holthouse, MD to learn how we are different:

In our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible care and support, we want to shed light on an essential aspect of your health journey: the quality and efficacy of supplements. It's crucial to discern where and how you obtain your supplements, as not all sources ensure the same standards of quality and effectiveness.

While it may be tempting to purchase supplements from easily accessible platforms like Amazon, online retailers, or local grocery stores, we strongly advocate for a more discerning approach. The reasons behind our recommendation lie in the paramount importance of both quality and efficacy. Supplements fall outside the scope of regulatory oversight by the FDA, emphasizing the need for diligence on our part as healthcare professionals. Consumer Reports and numerous studies reinforce the importance of selecting supplements from reputable sources. At FMF, we strive to ensure that you receive precisely what is intended and not anything less! 

Popular online platforms often store supplements in non-temperature-controlled warehouses, potentially compromising the stability and quality of the products. Additionally, a significant portion of supplements may originate from other countries, raising concerns about responsible sourcing and proper repackaging within the United States. We exclusively partner with companies which mandate rigorous certifications that guarantee a thorough examination of the entire supply chain, starting from the raw materials' origin to the bottle in your hands. These supplements are also traceable through lot numbers, providing an added layer of security and accountability.

Our chosen suppliers prioritize quality assurance by extensively testing for heavy metals, molds, and toxins that might inadvertently contaminate unvetted products. Sadly, substandard supplements can often result in diminished benefits, with the actual content differing from what the label claims. In our pursuit of promoting your health and vitality while minimizing the need for prescription medications, we advocate for responsible sourcing and a commitment to purity.

For your ease and well-being, our providers have carefully curated hundreds of quality supplements available right here at funmedshop.com. Enjoy a 15% discount on monthly subscriptions and complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $50. Your health is our utmost priority, and we are here to guide you towards informed decisions that contribute to your longevity!


familyWe are not your average doctor’s office.

Functional Medicine Foundations is an extension of Functional Medicine of Idaho. At FMI we practice medicine that is focused on finding and treating the root cause of illness to optimize our patients’ health and transform their lives. 

We are the only doctor’s office in the Pacific Northwest that offers functional medicine from conception throughout life, to give our patients and their entire family the ultimate healthcare experience. Our patients receive evidence-based, functional healthcare that is rooted in the latest research in modern medicine. Our philosophy is that everyone has the potential to achieve wellness, and we want to be a part of your journey to restoring your quality of life and optimizing your health.

Transforming lives by identifying & treating the Root Cause of disease.

At FMI, we believe that functional medicine is just good medicine. We believe in providing compassionate healthcare that ultimately gives our patients the power to heal. Our team of practitioners are deeply invested in the health optimizing, life transforming, root cause medicine they practice.

What sets FMI apart? We offer a full spectrum of functional health care – from pediatrics to adult specialties and everything in between! This multi-specialty collaboration allows our team of providers to work together in an environment that fosters continued education and growth, so that together, they can all provide a higher level of care to our patients.

We believe everyone’s journey to optimal health looks different.

There is no one-size-fits-all; that’s why our team of providers, nurses, nutritionists and health coaches work collaboratively to deliver innovative, value-based care rooted in Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine is the future of medicine, where providers treat the “whole” person and get to the root cause of disease. By establishing a patient and provider partnership, Functional Medicine of Idaho is transforming healthcare by giving the patient the ultimate power to heal. Functional Medicine efforts focus on the root causes of an individual’s condition and treats those causes.