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Berberine 5X 60ct

Berberine 5X 60ct

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Generation II Berberine with Amazing Technology to Support Your Patients With Blood Sugar and Metabolic Syndrome BioMarkers

500% Better Absorbed

Berberine has been one of the hottest nutrients studied over the past 36 months for its head-to-head comparison studies with Metformin. Many large clinical trials conducted in Asia have shown that Berberine outperforms Metformin for its impact on blood sugar, diabetic markers, AMPK activation, insulin sensitivity, and more.

This is not your typical Berberine but a generation II Berberine that is 500 percent better absorbed than Berberine. This is known as Dihydro Berberine or liposomal Berberine.

Berberine ES-5 solves traditional berberine’s hurdles of GI upset, low bioavailability, and need for frequent dosing.

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