Updated Supplements

The following supplements have been replaced by the Functional Medicine Foundations supplement brand:

CogniMag (formerly Optimag Neuro)
Foundations Omega 3 (formerly Super EPA)
Foundations CoQ10 (formerly QBest 100)
RestMax  (formerly Relax Max)
Foundations Flora (formerly ProbioMax Daily DF)
Mineral Replenish (formerly MinRex)
Foundations Gut Renew Vanilla (formerly Glutashield Vanilla)
Foundations Gut Renew Chocolate (formerly Glutashield Chocolate)
Foundations MitoMulti 120ct (formerly Mitocore)
Thyroid Pro (formerly Thyrotain)
Gut Immune IgG 120ct (formerly SBI Protect caps)
Gut Immune IgG 75g Powder (formerly SBI Protect powder)
Digestive Enzyme V - 90ct (formerly Digestzyme-V)